Some children are not able to use speech effectively, or at all, and may need to learn other ways to communicate. These children can express themselves by pointing at a symbol that represents what they want to say. By using symbols, these children are able to communicate their needs, wants, and ideas.

What I learned

This was a collaborative project, which offered some excellent experience working in a team. A lot of reseach went into the project. We started out with initial idea and had to look into several ways of solving the issues within the project outline.

Eventually we were lucky enough to be able to utilize Arasaac's pictographic symbol API and fetch the images which also gave us experience making API calls and reading documentation. We decided to use local storage to enable users to save images into a favourite collection.

Optimizations for the future

It would have been optimal for users to be able to make their own categories as well.

Project stack

Html | Css | Javascript | API

Current Stack